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IMPAC™ HT Biceps (Upper Arm) Special Threat Plates

The lightweight IMPAC™-HT Biceps (Upper Arm) 7” x 8” plates come in a set of two and feature an increased curvature that conforms to the shape of the upper arm to provide the same protection from handgun threats and trauma as the IMPAC-HT special threat plate.

These plates are compatible with the PROTECH Tactical biceps (upper arm) protector soft armor accessory, sliding easily into the special threat plate pocket and are made to be used in conjunction with the soft armor panels included in the accessory. The lightweight design and curvature of the IMPAC-HT Biceps Plate Set provide additional handgun threat and trauma protection to the upper arms without interfering with the officer’s mobility.

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IMPAC Plates Sales Sheet
PROTECH Tactical Equipment Warranty 

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Optional Ballistic Yoke (Shoulder, Collar and Throat Protection)
Optional Ballistic Shoulder Protection – Pair
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  • 100-percent lightweight polyethylene
  • Offers the same handgun threat protection as the IMPAC-HT special threat plate
  • Specifically contoured to conform to the curvature of the upper arm
  • Comes in a set of two 7" x 8" plates
  • Compatible with all PROTECH Tactical Upper Arm (Biceps) Protectors
  • Special Threat tested against:
    • Speer .357 Sig. 125gr. FMJ
    • Speer .44 Mag, 240gr. SJHP
    • Win. 9 mm +P+, 127gr. SXT
    • Speer .357 Sig, 125 gr. GDHP
    • Norinco 7.62 x 25 Tokarev, 85gr. FMJ
    • FN 5.7 x 25 mm, 28gr. SS195LF
    • FN 5.7 x 25 mm, 40gr. SS197



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