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R2S™ System for Delta™ 4 Helmets

The R2S™ (Ratchet Retention Suspension) System utilizes proven retention technology from the construction and safety market combined with the mesh-crown suspension system in PROTECH ballistic helmets. The R2S System tightens and conforms to the wearer’s head for optimum comfort with a simple twist of the easy-to-grip knob located at the base of the helmet, ensuring the secure fit accommodates most sizes. 

The R2S System is versatile, offering compatibility with the PROTECH 
Delta™ 4 family of ballistic helmets or any large ACH/Warrior style helmet with a 4-bolt pattern. Additionally, it can easily be installed as a replacement for existing suspension systems.

Price: $0.00
Optional Ballistic Yoke (Shoulder, Collar and Throat Protection)
Optional Ballistic Shoulder Protection – Pair
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  • Ratchet system provides enhanced security and a customizable fit for most head sizes
  • 2-inch diameter ratchet dial at nape of helmet is easily adjusted even while wearing gloves
  • Fas-Trac® components allow for effortless tightening while creating resistance to prevent loosening during use
  • 360° of comfort foam, moisture-wicking pads including a removable nape pad for added comfort and stability
  • Compatible with large ACH/Warrior style helmet 4-bolt patterns and can be easily installed as a replacement for existing suspension systems

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