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Vest CheckAn officer’s body armor only performs at its best when it is properly maintained. That’s why Safariland’s renowned VestCheck™ program provides an educational platform for the use and care of body armor. VestCheck is a comprehensive program that ensures the quality and wear of an officer’s armor, throughout the life of the vest.

Prior to VestCheck, testing and certification standards didn't address the dramatic effects excessive wear and improper care may have on the ballistic performance of modern body armor. Now more than ever, the fit, cleaning and maintenance information provided through Safariland’s VestCheck program supports the robust requirements of the NIJ Standard-0101.06 – all in an effort to make armor safe and protect law enforcement officers everywhere. Below are just a few tips on fit, care and maintenance of your armor that will help maintain the longevity of your armor.


    • Body armor should provide you maximum coverage with minimal obstruction of movement
    • You should be resized periodically
    • Replace your vest anytime your armor begins to feel overly snug or wide gaps develop in its side coverage


    • Make sure both front and back ballistic panels are facing in the proper direction
    • Inspect your ballistic panels for signs of excessive wear
    • Make sure your carrier is kept in good shape
    • Carriers should be replaced every year
    • Hand wash your carrier in cold water with mild detergent or machine wash on gentle cycle. All straps should be removed prior to laundering. Lay carrier flat to dry - do not place machine dryer. Wipe ballistic panels with a damp sponge or cloth, with cool water and mild detergent. Wipe them dry. Do not place in the sun.
    • Always store armor flat, in a cool, dry place
    • Do not fold body armor or hang it by its straps
    • Do not keep it in the trunk of a car - especially in extreme heat or cold

Another essential part of Safariland’s VestCheck program is its Used Vest Testing Protocol. This used vest testing provides testing and reporting of the ballistic performance of various vest models and threat levels. This testing is conducted routinely from the time of the armor’s introduction into the market throughout its full warranty period, and is based on vests actually worn by officers in the field. Safariland’s Used Vest Testing Protocol helps provide officers statistical data on the performance of their body armor, while ensuring the armor will provide them the protection they need, when they need it.

VestCheck is all about ensuring your body armor is ready for action. Wear it. Take care of it.

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